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February 17, 2018

Oscar Movies

Oscar Movies
We've decided to start going to the moves on Monday Winter Evenings. It's a good excuse to walk 2.5 miles to Camberley and it's only £3.99 each on Mondays. As we move into "Oscar Season", the best movies of the year are screened about now. Come the Oscar ceremony, it's good to have seen the movies in contention. Here's my reviews (to be updated as we see more)
The Post
Outstanding. My vote for "Best Picture" and Meryl Streep "Best Female Actor in a Leading Role."
Darkest Hour
Outstanding. My vote for Gary Oldman "Best Male Actor in a Leading Role."
The Mercy
Very moving and gripping drama. Colin Firth is as outstanding as always. Rachel Weisz is also very good.
The Shape of Water
Haven't seen it yet.
Lady Bird
Haven't seen it yet.
The Commuter
Light hearted caper. Won't be mentioned in the Oscars.

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