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January 5, 2018

Plan for 2018

Plan for 2018

My friend Michelle is going to run "Big Foot 200" 10-14 August 2018. This is a 200 mile event. Runners can sleep at aid stations on the trail.

The trail is in the Cascade Range in Washington State, USA. It starts near Mt St Helens and snakes its way north to the finish near Mt Rainier. This is a tough trail. The lowest elevation is 1500 feet and crests about 6000 feet above sea level. The climbs are brutal and total 42000 feet of ascent (and descent) over 206 miles. The event is equivalent to climbing Ben Nevis or Halfdome 10 times. This trail is 8 consecutive marathons with 5000 feet of climbing on every marathon!

There will be a team of family and friends to support Michelle and we will stay in a cabin near Mt Rainier. Michelle will have a pacer on most of the trail and always after dark. The pacers will be supported by Michelle's family.

I'm planning to pace Michelle over 50 miles on 4 'legs' of 12 miles. My training will be to run on 4 consecutive days for 30 weeks. I started in December with 4 mile walks. I will steadily extend the distance and climb. By May, I hope to run 12 miles in Surrey Hills with 2 climbs of 1000 feet. We'll have a trip to Wales in June to train on mountains. Since retiring in 2014, I've gained 30 pounds which I will loose by training for this adventure.

To help plan for the event, I have developed a computer model. The purpose of the model is to schedule the runner and pacers. The current version of the model is sufficient to learn that we need at least 3 pacers. The model will be tuned and polished as we approach the event. To view code: click here.

Blue Lake12.
Windy Ridge30.
Johnson Ridge39.
Coldwater Lake46.
Norway Pass65.
Elk Pass76.315.02.56.0Sat8pSat8pRoberto
Road 932791.311.22.54.5Sun2a5Sun7aRobin
Spencer Butte102.
Lewis River112.
Council Bluff131.
Chain of Lakes140.817.32.56.9Mon4a5Mon9aRoberto
Twin Sisters177.516.02.56.4Tue0a5Tue5aRobin
Owen's Creek193.513.03.04.3Tue11aTue11aAll

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