We had 3 very nice days in Napa Valley thanks to our friend David. Very much appreciated, David. Thank you for your company and generosity.

David came to stay with us in England. When he left, he very generously gave us a gift of 4 nights in a resort in Napa and to lend us one of his 3 cars! Thanks David. On Sunday night, David stayed with us and we share a suite. He returned home on Monday afternoon and Alison and I had a regular hotel room for three nights.

We had a couple of drives about in Napa Valley. I ran the Napa Valley Marathon in 2010. 26 miles along the Silverado Trail from Calistoga and Napa. A trip down memory lane. Very because trail through the vineyards. Alison and I had several walks in the Valley and we visited the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum in St Helena. Stevenson lived in Napa for several years. The docent at the Museum was very knowledgable about Stevenson, his works and life. Remarkable as she had only been working in the museum for 2 months.

We were rather surprised by the temperature. Late October is normally the start of Fall in California. It was like high summer. Temperature about 90°F/32°C. We were also surprised by our reaction to the temperature. We're now adjusted to English weather. Once it's in the 80s/25+, we find it rather hot. However, we enjoyed the perfect weather and have a break. Very relaxing. Thank You, David for your generous gift.


























































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