Miwok 100k - Map 2

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Driving to Aid Stations

From Tennessee Valley to Muir Beach

Retrace your way back on Tennessee Valley Road to Hwy 1. Turn left. You will soon come to a traffic light. Turn left again (follow the "Stinson Beach" signs) and follow Hwy 1 for about 5 winding, twisty miles. You will pass the Green Gulch Zen Center. Turn left to Muir Beach at the Pelican Inn. The aid station is over the wooden bridge, East of the parking lot.

From Muir Beach to Pan Toll

Retrace your way back to Hwy 1. Turn left onto Hwy 1 and follow it for only 1/4 mile. Be mindful of the runners here as you are on the course. Turn right onto Muir Woods Road and follow it for about 3 1/2 miles to the stop sign. Turn left here onto Panoramic Highway and follow it for about 4 miles to the top of the long uphill grade. Pan Toll is at the top on your left. Parking is often difficult here and expensive ($5.) The aid station is in the lower lot.

The Course

Outward Bound

Tennessee Valley (11.9) to Muir Beach (16.0)

Turn Left out of the aid station toward the ocean on the paved road, which becomes a fire road. Veer Right onto Coastal Trail up the hill to Coyote Ridge junction. STAY on Coastal Trail, down the hill, to Muir Beach.

Homeward Bound

Highway 1 (54.7) to Tennessee Valley (58.4)

Be CAREFUL and cross road. Join up with the Miwok Fire Road (do NOT go up small steep path as in previous years.) At the junction, turn Right onto Coyote Ridge Fire Road, and then Left onto Fox Trail. Follow Fox all the way down to Tennessee Valley Trail, turn Left and up to the parking lot.