I started making posters for special occasions. It started at TNT. I made a poster for the Coach's 40th Birthday - and some other folks - and then my father died, and I made a couple of posters to display at the funeral. Now it's become a hobby making the posters. Unfortunately, I've misplaced the files of some of the early posters. Anyway, from now on I'll add new posters here as I make them.

The posters are made using Adobe Illustrator and converted to JPEG for display on the web. Depending on size, I might put the PDF on the web. I can print them on the wide format ink-jet at work, and that makes a good job. For a really great finish however, it's better to get them printed at a photo lab. I've used for this. For about $25 (including tax and delivery) you can get a 16x20 print delivered in a few days. I use Illustrator to create a JPEG at 300dpi - typically about 3mb. Works well. And of you can get the print delivered direct to the person for whom the poster is intended. I used a photo lab in England for the DOE print - again everything worked perfectly, first time.









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