Here are my photos over the years. When we bought our first digital camera in 2002, I instantly thought "What do I do with all the photos?". In 2003 Alison had the inspired idea to register the domain "". The site has become an on-line diary. A kind of blog.

I've been adding about 4000 photos per year, so today (February 2017) there are about 60,000 photos in 1300 albums. Remarkably, I've done very little redesign because I've never seen alternative designs that compelled change. About once a year I spend a weekend playing with new ideas in web design. Web browsers are much better than 2002, but browser incompatibilities remain the curse of web design. I'll investigate jQuery one of those days as it claims consistent JavaScript APIs across browsers. However with smart-phones, users expect gesture support. I hope to re-engineer the site in 2017.

Year  Photos/AlbumsHighlights
2018 Dieting; BigFoot;
20174179/84New Zealand; Jamie's 40th; Portavadie; America; Vietnam;
20165646/9265th Birthday Party; Remodelling; Finland; World Trip
20154311/80Texas; Jude; Tower Project
20146561/109Retirement; Santhi's Wedding; Trips to Arizona and Utah; Summer House
20137013/99Houston; GSoC13; Laguna Beach; 7500 mile Road Trip; England; Montana
20123980/89Last Marathons; London Olympics; New York State
20113378/8860th Birthdays; Dermer Wedding; Poje Family in Largs; Great Year
20102923/89PyCon 2010 (Atlanta); Zion National Park; Trip Home; Queen Mary
20092870/67Joshua Tree NP; Yellowstone and Grand Tetons; Channel Islands
20082695/72Grand Canyon Trip; Oregon Adventure; Thanksgiving in Seattle
20072863/72Liam; Retirement; Midwest Trip; England Trip
20064789/98Holly; Dakota Trip; Arizona Trip
20053764/84Weddings; Iceland Trip; Mississippi Trip
20043331/91Hawaii; Scotland; Oregon; Montana
20033224/80Alaska; East Coast; Khanna Wedding
20021016/22Finland; Scotland; The Diet; TNT; First Marathon

I've purchased my sixth digital camera in 2014. Why have I bought so many? Because they keep getting better and faster and because I wear them out by taking lots of photographs.

Number 1: I bought my first in 2002. It was a Sony and I liked it so much I decided to buy a better faster one.

Number 2: I bought the Canon Digital Rebel SLR in 2003 (which I've since given to my son Alan).

Number 3: In 2006, I bought a little Sony for taking on trail runs. I've worn it out - it's taken at least 5000 photos.

Number 4: In 2008, with the Rebel in England, I decided to buy another Canon. It's a Powershot S5 IS. Seems amazing to me. It's got more features than a swiss army knife. It died of old age in 2014 when we left San Jose.

Number 5: In 2011, I had worn out the little Sony camera and replace it with a Canon Powershot SX150IS. I think this will be my final "point and shoot". The phone is almost as good. I lost it while out walking from the bus to the Ferry in Stockholm on vacation in 2016. We back-tracked to where I may have put it down while messing with our luggage. Gone. Lost. Alison was mad as hell with me!

Number 6: In 2014, I bought a Nikon D5300 to attend Santhi's Wedding. It's a SLR and has GPS, IS and Wifi. I also bought a Sigma 18-200 lens. I hope this camera will last 5-10 years.

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