The Avenue of the Giants - May 2, 2004

We went to "The Avenue of the Giants" in Humbold County, California to run in the Half Marathon. Our friends from Team in Training were also there for the weekend. It was really good - here are our results:

  1. Penny - an amazing 1:42 (7.45 pace) Placed SECOND in her division.
  2. Dennis - an very good 1:50 (8:20)
  3. Robin - a reasonable effort 1:55 (8.45 pace)

Dennis is still recovering from the knee injuries he sustained in a motor-cycle accident 6 months ago. He's running really well. Penny's result is astonishingly good. My result was OK - I need to run more regularily to get back to my PR of 1:40 in November 2003.  Weekend Photos

We were also joined by Peter and Jenny Jones and their boys Dylan and Patrick. Jenny and Patrick decided to do the 10k - and did a very credible 1:30 or abouts. Well done to the Jones Family.

And last, and not least, we enjoyed the company of Mike Shields from our club "Steven's Creek Striders". Mike was going to run the full marathon, however he decided to finish at the turn - so he did the half in 1:53 or thereabouts.

It was really too hot and sunny for good marathon times. Jean Pommier was running in the full marathon. At mile 13 he was in 6th place in 1:20. Quite uncharacteristically, he faded in the second half to finish in 3:15 or so. John Stannard was hoping to do 3:15 to qualify for Boston - again it wasn't his day, he finished about 3:25. The star was Penny - placed second in her division. This is the first time Penny has been placed - she's really a very good athlete. Don't know how I can keep up - I'll have to train more!

Father and daughter

Robin at the start

Striders at start



Dennis from behind

Carol rushes past

Jean at 13

Penny stomping for the line

Penny finishing

Penny 1-42

Dennis finishing

Go Dennis

2825 looks good

Dennis 1-50

Mike and Jenny

Robin finishing

2827 pounding for the line


Robin - 1-55

Penny getting second place

Penny with her prize

You're a star

John finishing about 3-25

John rushing for the line

Drive thru tree

Going in


Looking up inside the tree

Inside the shrine tree

Robin driving car thru tree

Drive carefully

Something for the kids

Ali inside the tree



More cars in tree


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